Pyrenees Stillness House. Who we are.

A small group of Pyrenees Mountain lovers running a non profit open Stillness House. Needing a yearly retreat to adjust ourselves to what seem to be key social competences for happiness: bodily felt awareness and consciousness, honesty, reliability, stewardship, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, justice, equality and respect.

An open more or less changing group of mountain lovers.
A quiet mountain retreat in the Pyrenees.
An experienced Mountain Leader.
How to join?


Friends of the Pyrenees quiet house resting by lake.A small group of more introvert mountain lovers.

With a clear preference for the Pyrenees: a walkable wild mountain linking the south of France to the Spanish north with a marvelous mountain range.
Enjoying to retreat for a couple of weeks into quietness in the mountains or more high up into the wild. Enjoying stillness and nature and that natural life evaluation emerging by solitude and farniente. Inviting us to adjust ourselves to what seem to be key social competences for a happy and meaningful life:
simplifying our life style and developing our character, more bodily felt awareness and consciousness, honesty, reliability, stewardship, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, justice, equality and respect.


Pyrenees mountain retreatA quiet mountain retreat in the Pyrenees.

Le Castel, Arquizat, 09400 Miglos, France.
The simple and quiet house, the relic of what once was the strong house of the baronets of Miglos. It has been build and rebuild and probably it existed prior to 1400.
It's simple but functional now and its structure is in good shape. In 2014 we insulated door and windows.

There's simple quiet room awaiting you: a bed, a cupboard, a desk, a chair, an armchair and a mountain view. Pyrenees quiet house has 3 rooms for 3 people or couples.  Comfort is simple but there is all you need for living and staying in harmony with nature: A cozy living room with lounge and wood fire, 2 bathrooms one with showers the other with a tub, a wild garden and a rustic natural mountain village / back country environment.

A quiet place suited for slowing down. A place for walking, a time-out to relax, enjoying simple living, nature and the mountains. Plenty of time to retreat, read, reflect, study or write, for a sabbatical or relaxed just being.
Surrounded by nature about 200m from Arquizat village. Situated in a side valley of the Vicdessos valley reaching up to the Pica d'Estats massif and the border to Spain.
A calm quiet paradise for walkers : more than 90 marked footpaths + their combinations to walk, century old trails and mule paths from one village to the other. Winding up to passes, finding the easiest ways, trying to follow contours, avoiding steep rise or fall. 
Higher up above our valley: the summer pastures and centuries old mule paths over the passes to Andorra or Catalonia.

Pyrenees mountain leader

Our quiet house resident is an experienced Mountain Leader:

Richard studied behavioral sciences and post master Organizational Development through action research at Louvain University (one the oldest universities in Europe). Before withdrawing into his beloved Pyrenees he's been an O.D. consultant, training and supervising existential therapist and a visiting phenomenology professor at school for continuing studies (SCFP) at Lille University (France). Richard is a training spiritual director.

How to join?

If a quiet place in the mountains, walking
or more adventurous hikes or treks,
enjoying nature, stillness and quiet times to retreat into more simple living,
or a place to stay for a time-out or sabbatical leave,
experiencing the calm and natural beauty of the Pyrenees, ...
meeting others like you,
is what you're looking for.
You're welcome.
According to our income, fortune and how important having a shared mountain retreat in the Pyrenees is to us, we pay a 450€, 500€, 650€, 700€, 750€ or more membership fee into the group kitty. Legally our group is a registered small association.
A membership fee because we want each of us to take actively part in our holidays simple community living : we prepare meals together or alternately (costs are shared), all of us participate in keeping house and garden clean, peaceful and quiet.
Membership is for a full year starting the first day of our stays.
According to our preferences and free times we participate in one or more of the activities described.

For more information, longer stays, time-outs, sabbatical leaves or cohousing here
mail or call Richard tel. +33 5 81 49 93 65

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