2 or 4-Weeks Hiking Mountain Life Review Retreat

You may ask for a 2 weeks hiking retreat with Richard as an introductory to a 4 weeks self guided full life review retreat. To rediscover idleness, free floating deepening awareness, natural innate meditation and its life review. Experiencing what 'Awakening' really means.
As we get wiser, we realize time and lasting love are more valuable than money. These 4 weeks are an opportunity to experience nature hiking, developing your stamina. Hiking mountain retreat: hiking days alternating with days camping in the wild retreating into stillness and solitude, giving in to what this awakens.

4 weeks mountain retreat into the high mountains hiking and living as an hermit.
28 days to rediscover your natural innate effortless meditation process.
How do hiking, simple living and idleness awaken innate natural spirituality and what is called 'Awakening'?
Practical information and contact

4 weeks mountain meditation retreat experiencing idleness and stillness

4 weeks retreat : self guided hiking & fasting as an hermit high up in the mountains.

A down to earth no guru no mysticism retreat. Rediscover natural spirituality and innate effortless meditation. Fasting and backpacking from lake to lake between 2000 & 3000m high up in the Pyrenees mountains.
In your rucksack only what you really need for a 28 days into the wild, to hike and camp staying dry and warm: your storm resistant tent, simple whole food, warm sleeping bag and mat, some spare clothes, food and cooking gear, washing stuff. The luxury of being out and not joinable for a full 4 weeks.
Freeing yourself from digibesitas. No phone, no MP3, no reading, no writing, no stress, no drugs, no tasks nor anything else to do.
Just experiencing, rediscovering the virtues of hiking, fasting, camping and meditation in the midst of wild nature, the weather as it comes, awe, idleness and self-reliance. Real retreat.

Hiking 'pilgrimage' days alternate with 2 or more days retreating into solitude and stillness. A full 4 weeks meditation holidays : free surrounded by mountains, lakes and nature. Simple living, meditative walking, pilgriming, freeing yourself from what possesses you. Rediscovering how idleness and stillness - without any effort - lead you to becoming aware of an innate unsuspected natural meditation and life review process inviting you to wake up. Giving in to it deepens your body awareness, frees repressed healing processes, awakens evolving body aware conscience, decanting your live, deeper and deeper.
This kind of experience is only for you if body awareness, reliability, fairness, justice, humanity and lasting love are your commitment and your way of life.

Where? High up into the mountains, hiking and camping from lake to lake, pilgriming off the beaten paths, between 2000 and 3000m, in the Pica d'Estats and adjacent massifs. = The most beautiful and wild parts of the Pyrenees mountains.


hiking mountain retreat adventurous hike, fasting and stillness meditationRediscovering natural innate effortless meditation

Reviewing all those proposals and literature about meditation techniques and esoteric marketing about awakening and mindfulness offered by a multitude of spiritual schools, masters, gurus and sects, for often a lot of money. One would almost forget meditation is, as are sleeping and dreaming, a natural innate healing process.  

Meditation sets on naturally. You don't need to concentrate or focus. Retreating into stillness, solitude an idleness allows you to re-experience how. The only thing really need is to retreat into solitude and idleness. As a result and gift from yourself to yourself you rediscover your inner stillness. As sleeping and dreaming you cannot make natural meditation happen nor make it deepen. There is nothing to do, no effort at all. You simply allow your body, your energy and your mind to relax, allow it to occur and give in.

4-Weeks intensive hiking mountain hiking meditation retreat into the wild Pyrenees mountains is an adventurous leave. Simple living closest to nature. Natural innate spirituality: accepting your natural inborn need of balance between contact and withdrawal, idleness and activity, movement and stillness. Giving in to those allow your innate spirituality, body-awareness, empathy and conscience to evolve, develop and integrate.
Hiking, fasting (= eating no more than really needed), the high mountains air and the awe of beautiful wilderness environment facilitate this processes. Stillness, meditation, awake wandering of the mind, more vivid dreams, remembering, awareness, life review and much more evolve. Integrating into a bodily felt critical review of the sense of your life, of your way of life.
Effortless mindfulness. = bodily felt awareness of your attitude (spirit) and how it affects your happiness and the happiness and wellbeing of those you live with. The outcomes of this pilgrimage to the core of yourself is more self-acceptance, body-aware reliability, sensitive and empathy, commitment, responsibility, sense of justice and love and a growing understanding of what the challenge of 'Awakening' really means.

A religious or spiritual belief is not necessary. Natural inborn wonder and spirituality don't need to belief anything. Hiking and retreating into wild mountains, seeking solitude, experience simple living. This allows you to re-experience your life as a whole. As your only time between your birth and your death, = you.
This confronting deepening awareness invites you to wake up, to Awaken.
This spirituality is an inborn natural way of being human and growing in humanity. A 4-weeks intensive 28 days grand retreat is the opportunity to rediscover and deepen yours in a lasting way.


4 weeks meditation high up in the mountains surrounded by natureNatural effortless awareness and mindfulness through meditation, trekking and simple life:

The 'method' is old and more than simple : Retreat into solitude into the wild, living and pilgriming as an hermit for a full moon month = 28 days. Being unjoinable: no smartphone, no mp3, no radio, no etc. In your rucksack only what you really need.
Hiking the mountains is a most natural fitness training too. You eat less than you burn.
The physical exercise strengthens your body and brings you back into better shape, physical condition and endurance.
4-weeks intensive mountain retreat into the still wild Pyrenees mountains, Western Europe's last wilderness. Being at the mercy of the vagaries of the weather and wild nature invites, even compels, you to develop your awareness, care, strength, self-reliance and reliability.

Spiritual adventure and growth

Retreat is plenty of time to sleep, rest and dream, discover, feel and contemplate what comes up in idleness. 4 weeks are the necessary time for a thorough life review. The natural, only, way to rediscover, without any effort at all, those, your, innate equilibration and integration processes. By giving in to it, you allow this awakening life awareness to evolve and deepen your innate spirituality.
You may 1 hiking day  with 2 or 3 days of retreat. After first 2 days of hiking up to about 2.000m spread out for retreat into stillness and solitude on our own. Camp a few hundred meters away from walking trails.
Time for naturally effortless turning into, contemplating what comes up, just being. Then walk one day further to another high valley of wild natural beauty, retreating there for another 2 days of stillness. Etc.

No effort is needed to rediscover your natural innate meditation and healing processes. As for sleeping and dreaming you cannot make them come. There's nothing to do, no concentration, no focusing, no praying. Just trusting what some may call 'God', others 'nature', 'life' or the "All". Allowing your awareness to flow freely and giving in. It's not possible to seek stillness, inborn meditation, equilibrating and healing processes, nor make them happen. You simply allow them to occur. 
Experiencing stillness deepens and refines your awareness, empathy and conscience.
Being alone, walking and living as an hermit strengthen your body, your stamina, reliability and care.


To really work through life's problems you need those times to allow your organism to really experience and evaluate our life. Life is experience and experience is bodily felt. Becoming aware of what you may think is the disturbing other, in fact invites you to transcend your limitations, to grow spiritually:
Discovering and letting go your habitual ways of refraining from idleness, limiting your breathing, body-awareness, pleasure, reliability, empathy, care, responsibility, organizational skills,  ... . 
Genuine strength, care for others, friendship, love, social commitment and the resulting wisdom and character ...  lay beyond egocentric hedonism, utilitarism and most certainly submission to religious institutions, ideologies, a master, guru, school or sect.
Instead experiencing stillness and your inborn equilibration processes, training your body in a pleasant way and critical reflection make you more human in a natural way.
Experiencing idleness and stillness, open to what comes up while letting go, brings to your awareness. Opens and deepens your bodily felt awareness of the unity of yourself, your attitudes, your perceptions and 'understandings' of what happens, your life, others and the world you create and live in. This Awakening restores your conscience.


4 weeks spiritual mountain holidays in the Pyrenees mountainsPractical information 4-weeks intensive hiking mountain retreat

A self guided thorough in dept life review is the royal way conscience and the sence of your life.

If you aren't a trained former boy-scout or girl-guide an introductary 2 weeks with Richard may be usefull. Richard van Egdom is a former lecturer on phenomenology of moral and spiritual development and what is called 'Awakening' at School for Continuing Studies of Lille II University (France). Richard has been trained as a Mountain Leader and an experienced counselor and spiritual director.

Participation conditions: A hiking mountain retreat and stillness meditation need good physical and psychological health, reliability and the better physical condition necessary to carry your +/- 15kg rucksack uphill. Your BMI should be between 21 and 25 neither less nor more. Mountain and camping into the wild experience are necessary.
Never go into the wild without an Personal Locator Beacon.

You should be able to commit to live up to the unpredictability of a deep and lasting 4 weeks retreat and it's life review. This may be a confronting wake up call.
Your need to have talked this unjoinable absence for 4 weeks through with your loved ones and should have reached an agreement about what you can offer them in return to make them feel as exited too.

Only for you if spirituality (= the path of body aware reliability, justice and love) are not one of your hobbies but your way of life.

Introductory 2 weeks Hiking Mountain Retreat:

Cost: 1.000€ membership fee for an intoductory 2 weeks hiking mountain retreat.
1 to maximum 3. Richard's introductory Hiking mountain retreats have, since 25 years, never been canceled.
You get a list of the necessary minimum gear and food needed and other suggestions.
Link: An experienced mountain leader's thoughts on the ultralight gear trend.

Similar  - but you really cannot expect similar results - shorter made to measure private hiking mountain retreats are possible second half of June, first part of July, August or September, dates can be agreed upon.
Rest of the year, from October to May when high mountain is not walkable, similar idleness, stillness and walking meditation holidays or sabbatical leaves are possible in the quiet house in the Pyrenees mountains. See private hikes and stays

More information? Want to talk about it? Contact Richard richard@pyrenees-pireneos.org or call him +33 626 99 33 11.

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